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Diana Wangeci

Local support for Kenya

Earn money as a YouTuber

Diana Wangeci fulfills your YouTube dream

Who is Diana Wangeci?

f you’re living in Kenya, Diana Wangeci is the person to go to for any YouTube support and intel. Diana is a business development specialist certified in YouTube content creation and channel management. She’s been very successful in marketing for over a decade, supporting and coaching several YouTubers. Her dedication to assisting companies and digital creators making the best out of their marketing efforts is her strongest suit. Teaming up with Diana, you’ll definitely reach larger audiences. And, as a plus, she's super approachable and very service minded. Want to make money through YouTube? Diana knows her way.

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Who is Age Africa Agency?

Age Africa is part of Age Media, a leading Multi Channel Network and YouTube agency with offices in several countries worldwide. Age Africa represents and supports African YouTubers, no matter their homestead. Backed by some impressive founders like Africa Business Communities, Africa Influencer Agency and AfricaWeb, Age Africa Agency is one of the best in class.

What services does Age Africa Agency offer?

Mainly everything concerning YouTube. Do you want to live the YouTube dream and earn money as a vlogger? Age Africa is a Performance- driven YouTube – Agency, with its own MCN (Multi-Channel Network) that wants to enable creators, artists and publishers in Africa to grow with their video content. Age Africa is driven to generate more reward for the creators of video content and more. In addition, Age Africa wants to unburden its clients in such a way that they can focus on what they are good at and make money at the same time.

Can Age Africa help me create video content?

Sure we can! We have partnerships with production houses, for instance a large studio in Nairobi, specializing in full in-house production facilities for content creation and production. If needed, you can be supported in your content creation with these facilities in the areas of photography, videography and post-production services. Once again, we’re always willing to help.

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