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Unlocking the Potential: Become the Next YouTube Hit

Expand your fanbase

1. Grow on YouTube

Do you know your target audience and how to reach them? We will analyse your potentials in full and help you create a killer content strategy. We can even provide you with keywords to make your video stand out.

Channel Review
SEO & Optimization
Creative Video Formats
Generate income with YouTube

2. Earn money

Being a YouTuber is fun, but it would be even more fun if you can monetize your content. Age Africa will turn complex monetization issues into understandable operations. Every month you’ll receive a clear statement about your earnings, so you know exactly where your money is coming from. Make money the easy way!
We can offer better revenue through:

Programmatic advertising: (pre-roll) commercials generated by YouTube
Direct advertising: engaging commercials into your videos
Native advertising: teaming up with brands
Your videos on news sites of partners


Would you like to share your video content with a large audience? That’s great, because we will promote you on our partner website AfricaWeb. Take it up a notch and be present on a news website generating more than 100 million views per month. GhanaWeb, TanzaniaWeb, MyNigeria, they’re all within reach,… and don’t forget the Africa Business Communities (over 2,5 million followers).

Be sure nobody steals content

4. Worldwide protection

We know YouTube is big, and it’s hard for a creator to check if content is being reused or stolen. Age Africa knows and manages your rights. As a YouTube Certified Partner and a MusicPartner, we can trace, flag and block content whenever necessary. Your content belongs to you, so we’ll make sure money gets in the right place.

Money from User Generated Uploads
Always benefit from our help and support

5. Emergency Hotline

If your content is getting blocked, your comment section is being attacked by a spambot or your channel has just been hacked; Age is here to help! You’ll have a direct hotline to call in your hour of need.

Award Winning
Established Team

We have over 3 decades of experience in content protection, monetization of content and helping your content reach a wider audience.

“Age is one of the most trusted MCN you could work with. Their response to any inquiries for support are always very quick and timely.”

Fredrick BundalaSimuliziNaSauti

““After I started working with Age my views more than doubled in just 6 months. They helped me manage my team, learn new skills like editing, thumbnail design, how to write more effective titles and more. ””

Campus with SharkboySharkboy

““Age perfectly helps me bring my series and films to YouTube!””

Yvonne NelsonYvonne

Time for action, let's get creative together