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Frequently Asked Questions


I want to join AgeAfrica Agency, what should I do?

That’s great! Just follow this link to fill in the application form. Our team will review your channel and revert to you within a couple working days.

How do I benefit from joining Age Africa?

Our YouTube specialists will help you to optimize your channel and reach a wider, international audience, thereby increasing your income. GhanaWeb and the partner sites also offer opportunities to increase your  fan base.

How do I receive my money (YouTube monthly earning) from Age Africa?

Your earnings will be paid monthly to your bank account or PayPal account, whichever you prefer. Payments are made in the first days of the month following receipt of YouTube payments and reports.

Which countries do you operate and which countries do you have the agencies?

On the African continent, we are active in Ghana, Kenya and Tanzania.  We also have agents in the USA, France, Germany, Spain, Brazil and The Netherlands.


Should I sign contracts with Age Africa Agency?

Yes, because the agreements are essential in preventing potential conflicts and disputes.

What is the minimum term to sign a contract with AAA and why?

The initial term is 3 years. During the first year AAA invests time and money to help you grow your audience and increase earnings. The 3 year term provides time to   recoup that investment. 

How do I fix a copyright strike?

A copyright strike means that a copyright owner submitted a verified, legal takedown request on a video that uses their content.

The first copyright strike is a warning. If you get one, you’ll need to go through Copyright School to better understand copyright and how it’s enforced at YouTube.

How do I fix a demonetized channel?

YouTube may disable monetization on your channel after repeated violations of their Terms of Service.  Make sure you understand all the Community and Copyright guidelines , that you have the right to upload the content and know how fair use works.

For more information CLICK HERE

How do I fix a hacked account?

If you notice that your YouTube account or channel has been hacked or compromised, you’ll first want to check whether or not you can sign into your account.

If you can’t sign into your account, you’ll need to recover your Google Account by answering some security questions to verify it’s yours. Then, you’ll be prompted to reset your password.

To keep your account protected, we also recommend turning on 2-step verification, which can be done in your Security settings.

If your channel is connected to our network then we can help speed up the process.

What shall I do if the number of viewers has been deducted on my video?

Views that do not qualify as legitimate views will be deducted. This is the case when YouTube sees suspicious activity, for example when many views originate from the same IP-adres. When viewers click away in less than 30 seconds, the views do not qualify and will be deducted from your view count.  Make sure your content is engaging and that your thumbnail and title match the content so that viewers get what they expect and keep watching.

What causes a video to be deleted on YouTube and how will Age Africa help to recover unintentionally deleted videos?

If a video is in violation of YouTube’s terms of service then it may be blocked or ‘taken down’ so that it cannot be viewed. Only the Channel Owner (or a Manager with sufficient permissions) can actually delete a video. Once a video is deleted, it cannot be restored.


What is the synergy between being a YouTube creator and being a GhanaWeb Reporter?

AfricaWeb Reporter is a flagship project of AfricaWeb and is known in Ghana as the GhanaWeb reporter. With this publishing tool we democratize journalism. Read this article to understand the advantages of the synergy:

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I am not a Youtube creator now, but I am successful on TikTok and Instagram with short videos. Is Youtube something for me to consider?

If you are already a successful influencer on another platform, than you may want to consider expanding your activities on Youtube because it provides more opportunities to create income than some other platforms. Read the article for more detailed information

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Is there a studio that I could use for my Youtube content?

GhanaWeb studio is at your disposal once you sign a contract. However, you have to book in advance to avoid production clashes.

How do I start creating on YouTube?

It depends on your goal. Influencer content is very different then content for a Brand, Company or Celebrity.  If you have a substantial audience or client base off YouTube then we can help you develop a winning strategy.