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Age Virtual TV

1. Maximize TV Ad Reach

Ideal for YouTube creators and online publishers in Ghana and beyond, looking to tap into regular TV advertising budgets.

Generate income with YouTube

2. Boost YouTube Visibility

Present your video reach on YouTube on Virtual TV. Get access to mainstream TV advertising budgets, enhancing your visibility and monetization potential.

Your videos on news sites of partners


Be sure nobody steals content

4. Secure Content Monetization

Protect your content with our digital rights management, ensuring your work remains secure and fully monetized. The only beneficiary of income derived from your content is you.

Always benefit from our help and support

5. Expand Audience Reach

Explore the future of cross-platform advertising with Age Virtual TV. Broaden your advertising scope and impact.

Transform your YouTube channel with our dedicated support and expertise at Age Africa Agency!

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“Integrating with Age Virtual TV opened up TV advertising revenues for our YouTube content, adding to our business model in Ghana.”

Fredrick BundalaSimuliziNaSauti

“Age Virtual TV’s innovative approach is a compelling story for every TV advertiser looking for ways to improve ROI.”

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