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Edwin Lindege

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Who represents Age Africa in Tanzania?

The designated contact for Age Africa Agency in Tanzania is Edwin Lindege, a multi-skilled IT professional with excellent expertise in all-round management. Edwin Lindege oversees and analyses technical projects through his strong insight into data and conversion.

Where can Edwin Lindege help me with?

Thanks to his very broad field of knowledge, Sir Lindege is the right person to make IT-systems excel in efficiency and performance. With superior knowledge of computer systems, VAS systems and the most diverse social media such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok, he can jump in at any request for help. Webmastering, digital marketing and social media management all feature in his resume and job responsibilities.

How can I earn money through YouTube?

Being a YouTube influencer, it isn’t always easy what target audience to focus on, how to expand your channel and make money through vlogging. Thanks to the collaboration between Age Africa and TanzaniaWeb, it’s now within reach. Edwin Lindege, our special Age Africa specialist in Tanzania, can help you, offering all kinds of digital support. Do you need help with monetization, channel improvement or general YouTube marketing to make your YouTube channel professional, worthy and profitable? Just reach out to Edwin Lindege by clicking here.

How do I become a YouTuber or influencer?

AfricaWeb, the mother company of TanzaniaWeb, started the GhanaWeb Reporter to democratize journalism and encourage creators to get involved in journalism. Among these creators are YouTube influencers and reporters with a passion for storytelling. The TanzaniaWeb Reporter gives these creators an opportunity to share their content with interested audiences that are usually not or rarely active on YouTube.

What can TanzaniaWeb offer me as a YouTuber?

TanzaniaWeb offers you to create your own reporter page and outlet on their leading website. TanzaniaWeb shares the advertising proceeds that are generated with your effort in impressions and pageviews. In other words, TanzaniaWeb Reporter enables you to create more reach, more authority, more followers and more revenue.

What services does Age Africa offer?

We offer a wide range of services to make your position on YouTube expand to another level. Try our calculator to calculate your YouTube revenue potential. For more information on our extensive services, please visit the page about all services we can provide you with.

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