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Age Africa Agency, a YouTube agency and part of the globally recognized Age Media Group, is excited to announce its expansion into South Africa. As a Multi-Channel Network (MCN), Age Africa Agency is dedicated to assisting creators, online publishers, and music industry players to enhance their presence and revenue on YouTube.

Reeve Scharneck, an experienced YouTube specialist, has been appointed as the representative for Age Africa Agency in South Africa. This move is a key part of Age Africa Agency’s strategy to expand its influence across Africa. Having delved into the YouTube platform in August 2022, Reeve quickly turned his fascination into a professional pursuit. “YouTube is the greatest video platform that exists. It’s challenging but immensely rewarding, with infinite upside gain,” said Reeve.

Marc Stubbé, Managing Partner at Age Africa Agency, commented on the expansion: “We see demand for influencer marketing and video content growing in Africa, and believe that YouTube, as the biggest video platform, could constitute an alternative to regular TV if organized properly. That is why we are expanding into one of the most important markets in Africa: South Africa.”

Reeve - YouTube Strategist - South Africa

Reeve Scharneck, YouTube Strategist from South Africa.

South Africa’s #1 YouTube MCN

Under Reeve’s guidance, Age Africa Agency aims to replicate the success seen in other regions by adapting strategies that cater specifically to the nuances of the South African market. The agency provides tools and insights that enable creators to optimize their content for better visibility and monetization, leveraging Reeve’s extensive background in content creation and online business, to become South Africa’s #1 YouTube MCN.

Moreover, Age Africa Agency supports influencers from platforms like TikTok and Instagram, helping them transition and succeed on YouTube. “At Age Africa Agency, we are committed to transferring everything I’ve learned to help creators and publishers excel. This includes insights from not just YouTube, but from all corners of digital content creation and online marketing,” added Reeve..

The South African expansion is part of Age Media Group’s broader strategy to foster digital and YouTube excellence worldwide. With a strong international team, the group supports various players active on YouTube, enhancing their global outreach and operational success.

Creators and publishers in South Africa now have the opportunity to connect with Age Africa Agency’s network and expertise, ensuring their YouTube channels and digital content achieve sustainable growth and increased revenue.

For further information, please contact:

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Age Africa Agency,  part of the world-wide Age Media Group, a Multi Channel Network resident in The Netherlands, specializes in the growth and monetization of digital content across YouTube and has serviced over 1300 YouTube channels world wide.

By providing strategic insights and practical solutions, the agency helps creators, online publishers, and music industry figures achieve lasting success on YouTube.

Age Africa Agency already works for many creators and online publishers in Africa, like the GFA, Startimes, Sharkboy, Yvonne Nelson, GhanaWeb, Punch and Daily Trust.