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Accra, Ghana (November 14, 2022) – Ghana’s leading online media platform, GhanaWeb, and Age Africa Agency, the foremost YouTube agency with a Multi-Channel Network (MCN) in Africa, are co-sponsoring the second edition of the YouTube Creators Festival to be held from November 24 to 26, 2022, in Accra, Ghana.

youtube crators festival
YouTube Creators Festival Ghana

The festival is an independent convention of all content creators across the country to engage, educate and inspire the global YouTube community.


Representatives of GhanaWeb and Age Africa Agency would speak at the event as sponsors and also as stakeholders of the content creation space in Ghana with services, resources and expertise that help creators, brands, publishers, influencers, and artists to realize more views, subscribers and higher earnings.

GhanaWeb, with the support of its parent company, AfricaWeb, created the Reporter platform which allows content creators and bloggers to share their content with millions of visitors of the GhanaWeb platform as well as earn from the revenue their content generates.

“With GhanaWeb TV, we created the first Mobile TV station. The YouTube channels of different creators – eg. we recently signed the GFA and Star Times – contribute to the total video audience we give viewers and advertisers access to. We have the ambition to build a one-stop shop for regular TV advertisers, offering a vast video audience for their commercial messages,” said Marc Stubbé, CEO of AfricaWeb.

GhanaWeb TV

Age Africa Agency, on the other hand, is a performance-driven Multi-Channel Network (MCN) agency that combines data and creativity to develop successful YouTube channels and create unique video formats that resonate with the target audience and the YouTube algorithm.

Our team has worked with some of YouTube’s most successful creators over the years, helping them turn their craft into a career. We know what it takes to succeed on YouTube and now Age Africa Agency is leveraging that expertise to help local talent spread their message, grow their businesses and become financially independent,” said Jennifer Feaster, Managing Partner at Age Africa Agency.

Activities within the 3 days of the event include a Creators Tour of Accra, an All-Female Master Class, the main event (summit) and the Creators Awards Night & Concert which would climax the festival.

“This is a very important and timely collaboration. We are looking forward to a healthy collaboration among Ghana Web, Age Africa and the Ghanaian YouTube Creators. Local creators are creating content to change narratives in Ghana as a whole. It is high time we celebrate the Ghanaian creators and put them in the international front. We are looking forward to a more exciting event in this second edition,” said Samuel Barimah Amoaning, Community Manager for the YouTube Creators Festival.

Speakers for this edition of the YouTube Creators Festival include popular Arab–Israeli YouTuber Nas Daily; celebrated Ghanaian YouTuber Wode Maya; co-founders of the iconic Afrochella festival Abdul Karim and Ken Agyapong; Ghanaian blogger Ameyaw Debrah; broadcast journalist and vlogger Jessica Opare-Saforo; YouTubers Kwadwo Sheldon and Sweet Adjeley among many other content creators who have built strong personal and corporate brands with continental and global appeal in music, tourism, food, lifestyle and entertainment.

About GhanaWeb

GhanaWeb is Ghana’s leading digital news and online advertising portal that is democratizing journalism, promoting freedom of expression, empowering content creators and driving business growth.

The open platform launched in 1999 operates under the laws of the Netherlands, a legal setup that allows Ghanaians to express themselves freely through opinion articles, multimedia content and comments.

The platform also hosts millions of user-generated content published through the GhanaWeb Reporter which is a digital media sharing platform integrated into the GhanaWeb App to give citizen journalists and content creators direct access to publish a wide range of local content.

Under the AfricaWeb umbrella, GhanaWeb has launched digital product innovations including the GhanaWeb TV, GhanaWeb Reporter, GhanaWeb Club, GhanaWeb Memorial, and GhanaWeb Business Pages among others.

GhanaWeb is very popular among Ghanaian migrants in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe. These loyal visitors and the millions of readers in Ghana have made GhanaWeb the most popular news website in Ghana and the third most visited website in the country after Google and YouTube.

About Age Africa Agency

Age Africa Agency is a thriving online ecosystem where creators, brands, publishers and artists come together. A hub that creates fans, grows through cross-promotion and offers new and higher revenue streams. With our rebellious minds and hard work, we like to set the tone. We combine data and creativity to develop performance-driven YouTube channels that make an impact and leave a lasting impression.

Our services include YouTube growth, video production, advertising and publishing solutions, music distribution and asset protection etc.

For further information, contact:
Ismail Akwei
AfricaWeb Publishing BV
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