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AfricaWeb Reporter is a flagship project of AfricaWeb and is known in Ghana as the GhanaWeb reporter. With this publishing tool we democratize journalism. This article explains:

1. Being an Influencer, eg on Youtube, Instagram or Tiktok. Read more
2. The AfricaWeb Reporter, by way of example for GhanaWeb, the GhanaWeb Reporter. Read more
3. Why do you want to be on a platform such as GhanaWeb? Read more
4. The way you could use the GhanaWeb reporter for growing your audience and income. Read more

1. Social Media Influencer

You will become an influencer if your message and/or content appeals to a large or specific niche audience, which is expressed by the number of followers of subscribers. Quality influencers know what makes their audiences tick. They know how to entertain, how to engage, and how to persuade. Good influencers also know how to tell a great story that captivates and convinces (plus, humans are generally predisposed to love a good narrative).

Nothing wrong with the wish to make some honest money by making content and publishing it as an influencer. It costs a lot of time and why would you be different from any online publisher that creates content and sells advertising space.

happy client

We have published an article that lists the reason why YouTube is an attractive platform to be active on as a social media influencer. It provides more and easier monetization opportunities than many other social media platforms. And with the introduction of Youtube shorts, you may be able to just duplicate short videos  published on Instagram or Tiktok and upload it to Youtube, without any further effort to adjust the content. 

Below, we will discuss further why GhanaWeb reporter will add to the growth of the audience and will enable you to make more money from advertising.

First, we explain what the GhanaWeb reporter is.

2. What is GhanaWeb reporter?

GhanaWeb Reporter is Ghana’s first digital media sharing platform created to democratize journalism and empower content creators. Developed to give Ghanaian audiences direct access to a wide range of local content produced by citizen journalists and content creators, the GhanaWeb Reporter also empowers niche journalists and content creators to avoid the cost of owning websites, search engine optimization and web hosting. The reporters are granted access to monetized niche blogs that earn them a share of advertising revenue and Self-Service Advertising created to promote local advertising.

Integrated into the GhanaWeb App, the award-winning platform which runs on both iOS and Android operating systems allows users to share videos, audio, files, images and text of news, entertainment and opinion content as well as their social media posts to the App at their convenience. The posts are screened and then published on the user’s page and on the GhanaWeb Wall for a wider reach.

GhanaWeb Reporter was the only project from Ghana among 21 projects from 13 countries in the Middle East, Turkey and Africa region to receive $1.93 million in funding from Google in 2020 as part of the first Google News Initiative (GNI) Innovation Challenge. The initiative aims to help journalism thrive in the digital age and to see news innovators step forward with new thinking.

The GhanaWeb Reporter has two main accounts which are the Basic Reporter and the Professional Reporter. The Basic Reporter is the default account that gives users access to the basic features including GhanaWeb services like the GhanaWeb Self-Service Advertising, GhanaWeb and GhanaWeb Business Pages at no cost.

Professional Reporters are classified into four categories: Blog Reporters, VIP Reporters and Advocacy Reporters. Blog Reporters consist of bloggers and citizen journalists who keep 50% of the local advertising revenue; VIP Reporters consist of celebrities and influencers who also keep 50% of the local advertising revenue; and Advocacy Reporters consist of charities, non-governmental organizations and agencies that are allowed to keep all the local advertising revenue generated by their monetized blogs. They also have access to directly publish content on their niche blogs and the GhanaWeb Wall without screening.

3. Why do you want to be on a platform as GhanaWeb

GhanaWeb is the leading news platform of Ghana and it outperforms all local sites in traffic and engagement.

As to its position as a real traffic generator, please read this blog. You can see that GhanaWeb is the undisputed leader of the online news ecosystem in Ghana.

Moreover, in Cameroon, we reached a similar status placing AfricaWeb at a top position. In Nigeria and Tanzania, we are just getting started.

The AfricaWeb platforms are known as the place of quality journalism and they provide the right medium for any serious message.

Awards & Nominations

The dedication to journalism, as shown by the initiator of AW Free Foundation, AfricaWeb, has been recognized by other parties.

High traffic means the more chance that articles are more likely to be seen, read and followed up. Moreover, since the platform has a high quality status, the impact and authority of the message will generally be deemed higher.

For Google SEO purposes, it is important to take into account the Esteem, Authority and Trust of the website on which your content will be published.

4. How to use the GhanaWeb Reporter as an influencer

As an influencer you can easly place your content on GhanaWeb. That can be images, video, audio and written content.  Your content will be published on an unique and dedicated URL.

Increase your audience

We have explained before that GhanaWeb is an one of a kind  venue to an audience that you would normally not reach on your social media platform. People interested in news and visiting GhanaWeb will directly match the people that are active on YouTube or Tiktok.

Add the power of text to your graphic content

The power of Youtube, Tiktok and Instagram are that they cater for accessible, easy graphic content to be consumed in an instant. If you want to explain more, or want to guide a more complex subject it can really help to add text to the graphic content and some part of the communities will appreciate such guidance and the way people can comment on your content.

Make more money

As a successful influencer you will have access to the GhanaWeb VIP reporter status. This will give you  access to a 50/50 revenue share of the advertising that is derived from the pageviews generated by your content. We will give you access to a dashboard that will show you the published content, the pageviews generated and the advertising income created.