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Advertising on YouTube Shorts scores better than on TikTok

It was the first test with advertisements purely on YouTube Shorts. Advertisers gain insights from it.

An initial test with advertising among only YouTube Short videos provides participating advertisers with interesting insights. The advertising format is almost fifty percent cheaper than TikTok, but can also generate longer views. This is reported by the trade title Adage, based on findings from the video advertising agency Precise.TV, which ran an exclusive experiment with YouTube Shorts.

Lower CPM and Longer Viewing

On YouTube Shorts, consumers see short, vertical videos in a way similar to TikTok and Instagram Reels. More than two billion (indeed) logged-in Google users watch YouTube Shorts videos monthly, as reported by Google last summer.

However, a campaign where a media agency could purchase vertical video ads only on YouTube Shorts had not yet been available. Advertisers could only include Shorts in their existing Google and YouTube campaigns. Until now. Precise.TV ran YouTube Shorts ads exclusively for brands like Asics and Moose Toys. From that test, it emerged that YouTube Shorts ads cost 46 percent less than ads on TikTok. The CPM – the price per thousand views – is around four and eight dollars, respectively. The CPM of YouTube Shorts could change if YouTube makes the ad format widely available.

The second important insight from the experiment is that advertisers can set a view to count only if the consumer watches for at least ten seconds. This is a significant difference for advertisers compared to TikTok, which counts a view from six seconds of viewing time. The initial conclusion: Advertising on YouTube Shorts scores better than on TikTok.

Advertising on YouTube Shorts scores better than on TikTok

For Tiktok influencers, this maybe an another reason to be also active on YouTube shorts. See our blog on this subject.