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Age Virtual TV – built by a Community of YouTube Channels

What is Age Virtual TV?

Age Virtual TV represents a groundbreaking initiative in the digital media landscape, spearheaded by Age Africa Agency, the YouTube agency (a MCN, “Multi Channel Network”) for Africa in cooperation with leading media agencies. This virtual TV station is a unique amalgamation of different YouTube channels, creating a singular, powerful platform. Unlike traditional TV stations, Age Virtual TV is built entirely on the strength and diversity of online content creators, offering a new paradigm in media consumption and advertising. We will start in Ghana but soon other countries will follow.


The TV Market in Ghana and the trend for the future

 In Ghana, linear TV has long been the dominant force in advertising, commanding over 50% of the total advertising budget, which amounted to $220 million in 2022, according to PWC’s media and entertainment outlook. However, this traditional medium faces challenges: viewer ratings are not systematically measured, and there’s a significant shift towards digital consumption, with mobile media becoming increasingly prevalent. This shift indicates a potential change in advertising trends, as advertisers tend to follow consumer behavior.


The Benefits of Age Virtual TV for Advertisers and Media Agencies

Age Virtual TV arrives at a critical juncture, offering advertisers and media agencies in Ghana a compelling alternative to regular TV advertising. This platform simplifies the online video advertising process by providing a single window for booking online video campaigns and selecting YouTube channels that align with their preferences. The virtual station offers unprecedented reach and a data-driven advertising experience, thanks to its diverse range of content creators. Advertisers and agencies can benefit from real-time, transparent data, ensuring their campaigns are targeted and effective. The platform’s dashboard allows for precise selection and deselection of channels based on various parameters, ensuring both quality and quantity in advertising reach.


They just have to transfer the regular TV commercials and we will do the rest, such as the distribution to the relevant YouTube channels.

The Benefits of Age Virtual TV for YouTube Creators and Online Publishers

 For content creators and online publishers, Age Africa Agency offers a partnership that goes beyond the norm. Creators receive personal support, content protection, creative video formats, and both on and off-platform promotion. By being part of Age Virtual TV, creators join what is set to be Ghana’s largest virtual online TV station, gaining access to powerful advertising budgets they would otherwise never have been able to benefit from. This arrangement not only boosts their potential revenue through advertising but also provides a structured, supportive environment that fosters creative freedom and growth. The creation of content will remain uncompromised.



Age Virtual TV is more than just a digital platform; it’s a visionary project that redefines the landscape of TV and online media in Ghana and potentially across Africa. By harnessing the power of a community of YouTube channels, Age Africa Agency is setting a new standard for TV and video advertising, offering benefits to advertisers, agencies, and content creators alike. Age Virtual TV stands at the forefront, and will be a landmark in a new era of digital media excellence. Age Africa Agency is looking for more ways to make increase revenue for YouTube creators.

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