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Since Age Africa Agency is setting up its services for YouTube influencers in Africa, we have spoken to many influencers in Ghana, Kenya and Tanzania. We experienced that most of the influencers and Youtubers were not aware of the different sources of income. Most were only aware of the advertising income that advertisers pay because they want you to make some content for them and distribute it on your channel or just post a message to your audience.

Therefore, we have taken the effort to make a short overview of the sources of income that are available for active YouTube creators.


sources of income

1. Programmatic advertising

Youtube monetizes the automatic (programmatic) advertising world wide. YouTube keeps 45% and distributes 55% to the MCN that has registered the YouTube channel with YouTube. If applicable, Age may be able to prevent any taxation which sometimes amounts to 30% on this income.

2. Direct advertising

Age Africa Agency, along with its regional representatives, is set to engage both local and international advertisers in showcasing their commercials and video adverts within the content of YouTube creators and publishers. Prior to the upload of these videos, advertisements will be seamlessly integrated into the original video content. Our regional teams are equipped with the expertise to proficiently handle video editing and the incorporation of commercials into these videos. Should there be any queries regarding the range of services we offer in this domain, we encourage you to reach out to your regional contact person for detailed information. Furthermore, we are excited to announce the launch of our latest project, Age Virtual TV. This innovative venture aims to establish a video network across numerous YouTube channels, surpassing the traditional reach of standard television broadcasting. The utilization of data analytics and targeting specific audiences unique to each channel will significantly enhance the impact and return on investment for TV advertising budgets.

3. Native advertising

This is the way of advertising when advertisers request for specific content to be created in relation with their brand, product or any other objective. Or that they want you to communicate a message to their audience in order to support their marketing and communication objectives.

4. Content uploaded – used by others

Beautiful video content is attractive. That is why your content should be protected so that others reap the benefits of your hard work. In the content management features of the MCN, Age can either block others from using your content to keep it exclusive to you or have any advertising income (same as the income mentioned as programmatic advertising under 1 ) generated with your content on YouTube to be directed and distributed to you.

Age Africa Agency publishes articles from time to time to share its knowledge with YouTube Creators. it wants to improve the knowledge of creators of beautiful content and to optimize the income they can earn with the content.  More on how to make money from your YouTube activities, look at this blog.