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“The line between pride in our work and neurotic obstinacy is a narrow one. We make our recommendations clear. But we do not grudge our clients the right to the final say. It is their money.” This is a quote of the former advertising hero David Ogilvy. In the agency industry, a client is a hero and the willingness to serve is high.

The attitude of Age Africa Agency reflects the same willingness to serve our clients and happy clients make us happy. Customer service is not a department with us, it is an attitude, we all share.

For a couple of months, we are working for some clients in Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and Nigeria. Our goal is to add value and support to our clients that are active on YouTube with their beautiful content.

Before we start working for clients, we tell them the following about our services:

Partnership with Age Africa Agency:

Our YouTube addicts are here to help you grow your audience and revenue by supporting you in the creative and technical aspects of YouTube:  

Creative:  our creative team will help you with everything from coming up with ideas for new formats & topics, to creating new channel art (banner design & thumbnails). We analyze viewing patterns and offer tips on minimizing drop-offs and maximizing watch-time. We’ll also optimize your Calls to Action to improve subscriber growth. 

Technical: our data team will help you maximize your reach with SEO-friendly titles and descriptions. We’ll also improve earnings by targeting high CPM countries with the right topics, video length, titles and ad placement. 

Rights protection: we can register your video’s with ContentID to make sure you get your fair share of money on any ‘user-uploads’.  

Financial benefits: if your channel is eligible, we can place it in a special section which offers a special status. This specal status may create more  finacial benefits but is dependent on multiple factors. We will address these benefits per individual case.

In exchange for these services, we retain a fair commission of your YouTube earnings. Typically, growth in the first two months far exceeds our commission so the ‘take-home pay’ is higher than before.

And we like to comply with our promise. Therefore, we are really glad when the moment is there that we can substantiate our promise that even exceeds our expectations. 

We will share some results of a client that recently joined us: 

The monthly turnover of programmatic YouTube revenue increased with a multiple of 20.

The average revenue per 1,000 views increase with a multiple of 5. With that a significant part of the increase is explained.

We trust we can add even more value in the future. We love happy clients and we take pride that creators of beautiful video content are rewarded for that with more revenue. Do you want to know your upside? Please try our calculator.