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Ismail Akwei

Local support for Ghana

Adpu supports YouTubers in Ghana

GhanaWeb as your YouTube partner

Coaching by the biggest news platform of Ghana

Are you a YouTuber or vlogger living in Ghana? Are you in need of coaching, help with monetization or reaching larger audiences? Adpu Advertiser and Publisher Solutions Ghana Ltd is there for you. This company knows all about target audiences, trends and taking content to another level. We can assure you that, as Adpu is the in-house agency of, the biggest news platform of Ghana.

What does Adpu offer for YouTube?

Marketing, sales, content production and technology services: that’s what Adpu is all about. Located in Accra, the capital of Ghana, the agency is equipped with an own studio. Production of content for GhanaWeb TV and live streams is made easy as various production facilities are all in store. The approximately 80 skilled employees at Adpu are happy to share their knowledge with you as a YouTuber.

Who is Age Africa’s contact at Adpu?

Ismail Akwei is a broadcast and digital journalist, product manager, communications specialist, media trainer and manager, editor and writer with over a decade’s experience working with multinational media companies across Africa.

He is the Editor-in-Chief of the
AfricaWeb group comprising,, and
He manages the group’s digital products and editorial direction.

How can I become more successful as a vlogger?

Adpu and GhanaWeb represent AgeAfrica in Ghana. Why is that good news for you as a Youtube creator since AgeAfrica is already one of the best in class? AgeAfrica represents more than 1250 YouTube creators worldwide and is known as one of the most successful players in its niche. It supports the development and growth of your Youtube channel, the monetization of your video views and the content rights management. 

What services does Age Africa offer?

We offer a wide range of services to make your position on YouTube expand to another level. Try our calculator to calculate your YouTube revenue potential. For more information on our extensive services, please visit the page about all services we can provide you with.

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